Jesemine Jones and Ida Keiper, educators and founders of Starry Night Travel, LLC introduce Starbrite Kids, a program that specializes in providing travel accommodations for children with special needs. Our program provides families the information to make travel a pleasant and memorable experience. We have partnered with vacation suppliers who will provide accommodations and support to families with children with special needs. We organize group vacations throughout the year, assist families to choose and book destinations, and arrange for any special equipment or devices required. As travel consultants, we will help you incorporate key components to meet your childís unique needs for your vacation.

We have co-authored with Dr. Emily Jones, Starbrite Traveler: A Traveler Resource of Parents of Children with Special Need for parents, caregivers, and educators to help parents plan a successful vacation. Our book is an illustrated guide that gives families a well-organized, confidence building, easy to read, travel resource. This guide holds the readerís hand every step of the way, from dreaming about travel to arriving at their destination. Follow the 5 Dís of travel, Dream, Determine, Dry Run, Depart, and Destinations to plan an amazing trip for your family. A portion of the proceeds of our books is donated to children's charities.

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